Judo Is M​.​E. (Maximum Efficiency​)​™

by Olde Soul

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Moopops The chillaxin beat with judo in the back. Very original.
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Sound the gong for "Judo Is M.E. (Maximum Efficiency)™!"
To the musical ear, the sounds of footwork and being thrown on the tatami mat add to the experience of the Judo practice.. Olde Soul's ode to that experience is the Instrumental, "Judo Is M.E. (Maximum Efficiency)™."

Professor Kano Jigoro, founder of Judo, prescribed Seiryoku Zen'yo, or "Maximum Efficiency, (makes for) Minumum Effort.." as something to commit to in Judo and in life. As Olde Soul strives to internalize the principle, "Judo Is M.E." is the soundtrack and mantra to this practice and experience.

Hard hitting drums, soulful rolling bass, graceful piano & strings, and some randori (sparring) in the background reflect the mood of a Judoka (judo player) in randori and in the rigorous practice itself. "Judo Is M.E." is an action packed instrumental!

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released December 20, 2013

music/production: Olde Soul
cover art: J. Osei-Akosa
_tori (executor of technique): Phillippe Morotti (Sensei), 4th Dan
photography: Phillippe Morotti & David Oh



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Olde Soul Los Angeles, California

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